“I feel like UB.U really helps with giving me ways to calm myself down when I’m stressed. I’ve learned that taking a big deep breath, even though you don’t think it will work, actually does help during challenging situations. I still have to practice but most of the time, I think now before I say things.”
— 9th grade student, Eagle Valley High School

Health Teacher, Eagle Valley High School

“Instructors were terrific for our kids. They were understanding of students and handled teenage brains very well, especially in times where patience was required. The content was rich and touched on resilience skills at a very high level and offered diverse perspectives we couldn't have replicated without them.”

“Thank you so much for coming and teaching us meditation and giving us time to relax. It would be great if UB.U could come back next semester.
— 11th grade student, Vail Mountain School

School Counselor, Berry Creek Middle School

“The impact on the student's self-awareness and emotional regulation that UB.U has had on students is something that will be long lasting after middle school and into their adult years. The tools presented and the relationships formed are not something that students can get in their regular academic classes and they are so valuable for the participants to have in order to become positive, contributing members of the community.”

“I wish we had UB.U every day. I just feel more like me.”
— 1st grade student, Eagle County Charter Academy

Principal, Eagle Valley Elementary School

“The students, staff and families of our school join me in thanking UB.U for becoming part of our IB community. We appreciate you teaching our children about mindfulness, being well-balanced, being open minded, and giving them enriching opportunities every week.”

“Wow! I feel so relaxed. I wish we could do this at the beginning of the day so I could feel good all day.”
— 4th grade student, Eagle Valley Elementary

Academic Coach, Zealous Middle School

"As a middle school teacher, UB.U provided an invaluable service to our students: the ability to slow down and assess themselves, their work, and their environment. After Anne-Marie and Emily joined us, our students demonstrated an increased awareness of their surroundings as well an increased sense of confidence. I'd highly recommend the UB.U program to any teachers or administrators looking to boost the sense of self of their students or staff!"