"We believe present moment awareness awakens authenticity."

Today, we often hear about how being mindful or being in the moment can help with many things. But, what is mindfulness exactly? Mindfulness is simply explained as a particular way of paying attention, on purpose. When we practice being in the moment, we bring a certain awareness to our experience of what is happening right now, without judgement. We believe this awareness helps open our hearts to a way of being that is kind hearted and accepting.

By focusing our attention and opening our awareness with a kind intention we can truly experience the present moment, as it is, without changing it.

Mindfulness is not something we do or somewhere we need to go. Mindfulness is simply just being with the present moment, listening to the sounds around us, taking in all that surrounds us and our state of being. Being mindful brings awareness to our senses, all types of thoughts and emotions... the good ones and even the not so good ones. When practicing mindfulness we simply notice what is happening in the moment without trying to react, manipulate, judge or control the experience.  


Being mindful takes practice ... and patience.

At UB.U, we believe present moment awareness awakens authenticity.