"I have been blessed to witness some of these results in action."

UB.U is an incredibly special class we attend on ‘Wondrous Wednesdays’.  I have personally had the privilege of experiencing UB.U with some of the moderate needs children I work with at Eagle Valley Elementary.  This being said, it is also one of our favorite times too.  One of the qualities UB.U nurtures within the kiddos is a keen awareness of their emotions in relationship to others. They acknowledge not only the easy, comfortable feelings like happiness and success but the less favorable ones- frustration and anger. The women with UB.U embrace these feelings and teach our students invaluable tools used to self-regulate and reduce stress that is conducive to increasing attention span within the classroom setting while creating strong connections with teachers, and lasting friendships.  I have been blessed to witness some of these results in action in my students and will personally continue to glean from UB.U technique as well from the instructors’ experience and knowledge.  I am grateful to the creators of UB.U for their efforts. 

- Carrie Devlin, Moderate Needs Paraprofessional

Eagle Valley Elementary School