“we believe brain health education is a fundamental right for all students.”

Over the past six years, our team has been working directly with youth in Eagle County Schools during the school day teaching brain health and the importance of a healthy mind-body balance. UB.U dives right into the science behind why we behave in certain ways and what makes our nervous system react during different situations. Engaging in activities that elicit present moment awareness allows kids to experience a multitude of situations in a safe and supportive environment.

Trending Problem

Experiencing chronic stress and anxiety changes the neurobiology of the body and may compromise areas of the brain responsible for learning and performance. For many, our media-saturated, multitasking, go-go-go environment can be difficult for the brain to process. Add to that pressure to perform and succeed in school or work, sports, in relationships or at home with family and you begin to understand why everyone talks about feeling “stressed-out” and “too busy.”

Evidence-Based Solution

Mounting evidence shows that teaching students how their brain and body operate can increase emotional resilience and provide more tools for their proverbial toolboxes to navigate the ups and downs of life. Now more than ever we must give students tools for understanding how the brain, the breath and behavior are all connected. By creating a safe space where students can begin to observe and identify components and functionality of the stress response system, students will understand how triggers, emotions, thoughts, personal values, needs and experiences play a significant role in behavior patterns leading to inspired responses versus automatic reactions.

At UB.U, we believe a single breath can transform a moment.